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Traditional Shotokan Karate



Manhattan Beach Traditional Shotokan Karate Laboratory

Some people are worried about sensei's Karate being preserved.

Sensei's Karate is and will forever be preserved.

It is preserved through his students around the world.

Especially those that were close to him the past 7 years.

He was teaching all the old secrets again.

The ones that were handed down to him and those that he developed.

He was teaching all the new secrets.

He was cramming down us his life's experience.


The sign outside the building read "National Karate Institute" but to those who were involved, it was known as "Central Dojo"

Like Thomas Alva Edison's Laboratory,

Central dojo was Nishiyama's Laboratory

It was the place, where the knowledge that had been accumulated over more than 3,000 years was preserved. Hand down from Master to student for centuries. It was the place where the work of the old Masters continued.

Like Thomas Edison's Laboratory

it was the birthplace for new discoveries and refinements.

We were blessed to have been one of his subject white rabbits,

for these continued experiments for almost 30 years.

There are only a couple, maybe only a few who have spent more floor time with sensei than us.

His karate is preserved with us.

Not only is it preserved but we are continuing the work in the "Traditional Shotokan Karate Laboratory".

We have not skipped a beat and the work continues.

Sensei's Karate is preserved and the endless search for self improvement continues.

Manhattan Beach Traditional Shotokan Karate Laboratory

The world's smallest Dojo

We are available to teach Karate and or Yoga classes and seminars.We can help you with your Karate and or Yoga program.We will fly anywhere in the world to share our knowledge with you.

We have been intrusted with a original makiwara from Central Dojo - on the left

One of the things sensei said most often over a long period of time was "time is short". The big clock, in the small room, is there to remind us.

The last time sensei taught the Polish team (they all had iPhones) at Central, for the traditional kampai, sensei brought out this special bottle of sake. It was a huge bottle. The sake had actual gold flakes in the sake. He served us all, he gave me a huge shot. I kept the bottle - lower right corner