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We are accepting donations to the Poland Fund till October 31st.

After That we will start another Fund for our next leg.

Thank You All So Much!


We welcome your donations to our club.

We are a for profit organization. Most of the times it doesn’t work out that way.

If you would like to make a donation or know of a person or organization that would like to make a donation we would appreciate it.


We would love to grow and expand our program.

The items we are working towards are:




European Children's Cup Demonstration

Donate to the Team Manhattan Beach Fund

Cheering Sections

Notice Ellen at the Bottom



A First Time Practice as a Group

Missouri, California & Georgia

Seeking Donations for Fund II

the Expansion of our Program

2012 ITKF World Championships in

Lodz, Poland

October 6th & 7th Fund I Closes with a Total Raised of $3,145. Thank you all for your Support and Best Wishes!

MB CLUB Donations 

Alex G. Alessandra, Chloe & Nathan, Donna, Ben & Miles, Josh, Curtis  Asher, Max, Helena, Julie, Dixon Jr & Sr, Kelly, Karcher, Konrad, Ascher again, Alex B., Sean Riley.

Outside Donations 

Brad Webb (Texas)

United Karate Club (California)

Thank You Very Much!

Click to View our Preparations and our Experirnce at the Tournament


Sensei, Lynda (Ellen's mom) & Ellen

Air & Hotel is about $1,500.U.S. each

$4,500 U.S. Goal

Please Help us Secure Corporate Donations & Sponsorship

We will represent Gold Medal Sponsors through exposure on our website, a banner at our clubs events for the year.

Exclusive Sponsorship Available

Great International Exposure!


Suggested Manhattan Beach Karate Member Donation


Suggested Non Member Donation


Suggested Donation from Individuals of other Dojos


We thank you for your support!!!




updated 12/8/2012

We welcome your Donations for Fund II

the Expansion of our Program

Accumulated Total to Date


Thank You Very, Very Much! ! !



Click here to donate


To mail a check make the check payable to: Nick Salcedo

1325 Manhattan Beach Blvd. #B

Manhattan Beach, Ca. 90266

Drop a note that it is for the team fund.

For Questions Email us at

or to speak to someone live call us at 310 467 4723 





A Special Thank You to . . .

"Anonymous #1" 8/27/2012

"Anonymous #2" 9/24/2012


Any excess will to go set up a fund to send our team to future events (Nationals 2013 in Missouri - International Camp 2013 - World Championships 2014 etc. . .). 
To help Expand our Program 

 AAKF has Paid for Athlete's Registration Fees - Thank You Very Much!


From the National AAKF Office = $300 Plus Athlete Registration Fees - Thank You Very Much!

Central = 0 
AAKF Regional Donations North = 0

Western REGION= $300

Thank you Richard Kageyama (Monterey Park) for donating back in to the pool your share. 

Central Southern = 0
Great Lakes = 0 South Atlantic = 0
Mid Atlantic = 0 South Western = $0 
Mountain States = 0 North Western = 0 


Non ITKF & AAKF Group Donations AJKA = $45
JKA = $85  SKA = $40
ISKF = $75 IKA = $50

Official Corporate & Local Business Sponsors  

Grand Champion Sponsor - 1 Available - POR


Gold Medal Sponsor - 1 Available - min $500 Donation


Silver Medal Sponsors - 5 Available - min $250 Donation


Bronze Medal Sponsors -15 available - min $100 Donation    

General Sponsorship - $25 min Donation


 Thank You Very Much!

* * * * *

 Sponsors We'd Like/Are Soliciting to be Official Corporate and Local Business Sponsors

We welcome your suggestions 





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We would like to install a Yoga Rope Wall at the Hermosa Beach Studio.

We would like to install a tatami mat floor at the tiny

 (280 sq. ft.) Manhattan Beach Studio.

Very cool ceiling fan for the Hermosa Beach Dojo.

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We'd Love to Open Yet Another Location 

~ ~ ~

We welcome your donations


Click here to donate

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We started with the guidance of the top Masters, a vision and zero students.

Thank you for helping us grow! 





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