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We welcome and host national and international visitors.
















Living room

Private Bedroom

Shared Full Bathroom


Private Patio


If we don't have a roommate you can have your own room.

When we do have a roommate we can still accommodate you.

If there are many of you well we'll pack you in somehow.

We can also arrange accommodations near by from low budget to high end boutique hotels.

Manhattan Beach is L.A.'s best kept secret!

Once you come here like many others before you, you'll be hooked.

We ask that you give us as much advanced notice as possible.

As time goes on we are getting more and more requests.

Come do Karate and or Yoga or just hang out.

Just 8 Minutes south of Los Angeles International Airport

Typical Manhattan Beach Sunset

International Surf Festival

Six Man Volleyball Tournament

Typical Manhattan Beach Beach cottage

Take a walk or bike ride along the Strand

Great Boutique Hotels

Rain or shine it's a great place to be


The best way to get around is on a "beach cruiser"

Take the Ocean Express to Manhattan Beach from LAX Airport hotels


As you can see Manhattan Beach is not typical. It has a special energy. When Nishiyama sensei first came to the U.S. he live a few miles from here. Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris lived a few miles from here. The South Bay has a special energy.

Now many of the world's top Jiu Jitsu instructors are here. The Gracie's and the Machado's can be found here.

Manhattan Beach is now a global destination for Authentic Traditional Shotokan Karate and Iyengar Yoga





Dubai, U.A.E.





Brazil February 2011 



the Italians February 2011


Shannon Stubs

Andrew Harrington

Czech Republic


New Zealand


South Africa


 United States

Houston, Texas - Chelsea Welch 

New Hampshire - Barbara Milton  

Virginia / DC - Anahita Tehrani




Justo Gomez - ITKF & JKA  - 6th Dan Argentina -

What an honor it was to see Justo test for 6th at the ITKF Summer Camp

2009 -Chris Mance - ITKF & JKA - 7th Dan South Africa -

Nelson Carrion - ITKF - 6th Dan Spain -


Falah Kanani ITKF & JKA - 6th Dan - JKA of San Diego



What an honor it was to be present at the last Dan Exam at Central Dojo- December 2007.

Falah had brought one his student to test for Sho dan.

I'll never forget sensei asking Falah and I if we had brought our gis.

I'll never forget Sensei asking Falah to test for 6th Dan at the last scheduled Dan Exam at Central Dojo. What a great moment!

What an honor it was to be seated at the board. Another memorable moment in Traditional Karate history.









Mr. & Mrs. Wlodzimierz Kwiecinski - 7 Dan - Head of  ITKF Poland



Temporary Housing

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Temporary Housing

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February 7th, 2010



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Temporary Housing Available

We are just 8 minutes south of the Los Angeles International Airport - LAX.