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We share our experience of the tournament on this page. Keep in mind we still have hundreds of photos to go through and to add. If you have great shots that you would like to see included please submit them and we will post them right away. They can be anything related before, during or after. If you are not sure send them anyway.

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Updated 5/18/2013 


16th ITKF World Karate Championships

Lodz, Poland 2012

a Photo Essay

This a work in progress. We have 100's of photos to add. Please keep checking in. 

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Warning ! ! ! 

After Attending

the World Championships in Poland . . . I may not look like it on the outside . . .

but on the inside I feel like this

 Times TEN ! ! !




The arena was filled with 1,000 competitors with great spirit!

This page is an attempt to pass it on to you! If you have pics you'd like to share please send them to me. 


Nicolas (Nick) Salcedo



In Memoriam

Penny Ringwood Sensei - 6th Dan

January 7th, 1950 - October 31st, 2012 




December 9th, 2012

Manhattan Beach Christmas Fireworks Show 


One of the Great Best Kept Secrets


Bring the Entire Family Everyone Welcomed






January 1st, 2013

 3rd Annual "108 Tekki Sho dans"


A long rich history 

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Manhattan Beach Traditional Karate

5th Annual Special Winter Training

January 7th - 12th, 

6:00 - 7:00am

Monday - Saturday

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From Manhattan Beach Traditional Karate in attendance are Lisa, Satsuki, Tom, Tony & myself

That's me hitting the makiwara in the opening scene.





February 2013

Pando, Uruguay S.A.


the "Image"

Moby - Extreme Ways


 The lessons learned in Karate are principles. The lessons in Karate are a metaphor for life. This is the basis for the "Book of Five Rings" being used in business school.

Sensei often taught/spoke of "image" and "imagination". When the idea of this year's World Championships came up we had an image, we then began to use our imagination. We then needed desire, a plan and to take action. We had to look at what we had to do to make it possible. If it was possible. . .  We felt it was, then win or lose we took action.

I have a building background. In building you have the pre planning stage. In our pre planning stage, in doing our homework we came across andel's Hotel. The photos of the Hotel were incredible! To be there in real life was even more incredible. So we looked to see if it was possible then worked towards that.

Long story short we started with an "image" the Hotel and used our"imagination" of how to put ourselves there. The photo above is the image we saw. Through our imagination, planning, action, and hard work we were able to put ourselves there. 


Thank You ALL!

To swim in the roof top pool all by myself was such a luxury. Years from from now I'm sure you'll have to make reservations well in advanced to get in. I highly recommend you seek out andel's Hotels (Vienna International) on your European travels. By staying at that specific hotel we were able to reinforce old friendships, make new friendships, keep our position in Nishiyama's Traditional Karate World.

"Imagination, Planning, Action & Hard Work" 

We now again have to find our image, then use our imagination, then make a plan, then take action, then put in the hard work. Since we got back we have been working very hard to give our students that didn't go as much of the experience as possible. We are doing this through this page, photos we are posting on our dojo walls. Through discussions in class. We want them to know of the incredible opportunities that are available them. This is the inheritance left by Nishiyama sensei.


I am now advising my student's parents. "Our 7 year program". We had one student that has been with us since she was 10. In 7 years at a casual pace she has gone from white belt to the World Championships. I now pose the question to our parents. "Ask yourself" in 7 years where will your child be after 7 years of baseball, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, hockey, band, cross country, la crosse etc etc. Will they be in the Olympics? Wimbledon? the Stanley Cup, etc etc. I'm not asking them to stop these other activities but to re allocate their time allotted to our Traditional Karate Program. With some hard work and dedication we can realistically get them to the World Championships. Instructors you must advise your student's parents of what is uniquely available to them through you. There are only a handful of locations in the United States where one can get this training that can lead them to the ITKF Traditional Karate World Championships. They are very fortunate to be part of your program. They must know of what is available to them.  This cannot be done last minute as it will take planning and hard work. But it is highly possible. In the children's divisions there are 65 spots (besides the 30 spots open to the adults). This year in the U.S. we had 3 athletes ( Maggie, Atlanta, Georgia - Ellen, Manhattan Beach, California - Allison, St Louis Missouri) fill 7 spots.  58 spots went unfilled (in the youth division). We now have the image now lets use our imagination to fill those spots. The U.S. team was made up of 6 Adults and 3 youths. There were 95 potential spots to be filled. 

My Proposal 

We have 2 years to present a real/realistic winning proposal to the ITKF at the World Championships in Egypt, for the United States to host the 18th ITKF Traditionak Karate Championships in 2016.

Which means we have absolutely no time to waste. We need to bring everybody together, I mean EVERYBODY together, so we can see what resources we have and draw up a plan. We need to be in the pre planning stage RIGHT NOW!

Then we have 4 years to get ready.

So Get Ready!


How Big do you Want to Dream?

How Hard are you Willing to Work?

Pick Your Level of Success!




Raise Money.

I missed my flight by 5 minutes. Instead of a 5 hour layover in Amsterdam I had a 5 hour layover in Los Angeles then on to Paris, France.



While working as a Union Carpenter I worked at LAX to build Parking Structure #6 (Delta). I sent about 6 months there. Those were long hard days. Up at 5am, 8 hours of heavy construction, go teach classes, then go to Central Dojo and have classes with sensei. Then all that other stuff. In bed at midnight or so, repeat for 6 months. It was great to walk through the parking structure I had built. I looked for some of my mistakes. 

Forex - Exchange U.S. Dollars for Euro. 5 years ago while riding my bike I found a 5 Euro note in the street. I finally got to spend it in Paris, a small gift for Jordan.





Charles de gaulle Airport Paris, France. 

Neville finally understands "Center Line Jodan" Nice "Funakoshi Straight Line Front Stance.






Then on to Frederic Chopin Airport. Warsaw, Poland (very exciting!). I see this airport being totally rebuilt in the future. 


More Forex - U.S. Dollars to Polish Zloty. I used the currency exchange shop to start but the best rates came from using the ATM's.


Follow the signs to ground transportation. Buy a tram ticket from one of the newspaper stands. On to Centrala Stataion

Outside at Centrala Station is a mall suronded by fantastic old buildings, the area is very active. Buy a train ticket at street level, find out which platform to go to and in which direction. Walk down and catch a train. Click on line so you know the frequency of the trains so you don't have to wait to long in between.


  Great old trains with private compartments. People will come in and out.

Know your stops, because  at the stops between the major ones you don't get much of a notice. On to Kaliska Station.



Łódzkie Vovoidship is located in the center of Poland. The capital is Łódź.


Kaliska Train Station - Atlas Arena is right next door. There are bus stops and taxis waiting. My cab ride to the the hotel was about $6 U.S. - How much do you tip on 6 bucks? Does one tip in Poland. I did they were very grateful. 

Doing the conversion of Dollars to Zloty and Liters to Gallon, the price of gasoline in Poland was $7.00 per gallon U.S. - Still there were plenty of people driving around.

Ah! Hotel andel's 

A Four Star Hotel 

 Inside the grand lobby

View from the lobby up through to the upper floors. The purple you see is created by lights that would be constantly be changing



Cat Stevens - Peace Train



Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy



Back of the building with the glass enclosed pool on the roof. 


The roof top pool facing towards the front. 

Facing to the back towards Manufaktura - the indoor mall and outside square.

Imagine having the luxury of this pool all to yourself.



Bliss - Wish You Where Here

Bliss - Wish You Where Here


Looking out the pool window down to the square

There was a big indoor 3 story mall with this outside space with restaurants & a cinema. Not many American chain stores.


The prime place to shop and eat. 







 Then walk a couple blocks over Piotrkowska Street. The Polsish version of the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica - Developers take notes. 

As I'm walking I'm so impressed to come across this random banner. Hey I know that girl! 







This square is at the northern end of Piotrkowska Street

Plac Wolności



(Freedom Square)

The monument in the background was demolished by the Third Reich and renamed Friheitsplatz. The monument was rebuilt identical in 1960

Piotrkowska Street 


 During the Nazi occupation, Łódź was incorporated directly into the Third Reich. The city was renamed to Litzmannstadt, and Piotrkowska Street was called Adolf-Hitler-Strasse


Fantastic old buildings. Notice many have these arched driveways that lead to more businesses and apartments. 



In through one of these driveways. 


A random poster- Hey I know that guy! 



Another great building. A developers dream. What great opportunities here. 







Yet a different driveway courtyard. Continue to walk down to the end of the street.






You can see just see on the look on Ellen, Allison & her moms face, their personal imagination of "what lies ahead".

After finishing up Team USA Practice the day before the tournament. We started our journey back to the hotel.

They just finished putting down the tatami on the Center Elevated Stage so we stopped to take a look. 


2007 Was the first U.S. Jr Nationals - Atlanta Georgia - It was also the 50th anniversary of our U.S. Nationals.

Allison (Missouri), Ellen (California) & Maggie (Atlanta) all competed.

I have coached many times when one goes to compete to immediately go practice on the floor you are going to compete on. Find out which way you will be facing and practice only in that direction.  This must be done for many reasons. 

In Atlanta I had coached Ellen to go down to the floor and do so. She was a bit apprehensive as is very normal. She did not do so. As fate would have it on her first Kata her foot slipped a little as there was a transition of paint to varnish on the gym floor. She also did an extra repetitive sequence in Kan ku dai but somehow was able to end up on her make in the right direction. 

Now back home during classes I reinforced the recommendation of this practice before a competition.

Now in Poland as we walked past the stage, the instant they finished putting down the tatami I suggested that she go up and practice. Her mother also gave her a little nudge. Again she was apprehensive but this time she got up and did it. She rushed it as she felt she was hold the team up going back, but she did it! This was her first big breakthrough in a string of many, many personal breakthroughs that brought her personal level up 30% that weekend.

So many great stories to tell. What are yours?







Finally after 26 hours later than scheduled she got to go up, the waiting was maddening. The waiting was actually the best thing for her. It was the pre mouksou, preparing oneself for what one is about to do. It was a great opportunity for to see so much of the tournament and to know what would be expected. It all couldn't have been more perfect. I wouldn't have changed one thing. The time she went up was a perfect, after all the majority of distractions had gone. She got to be up on center stage. She did great!!!!!! Her best Kata ever. Please click and "like".





 Second Place Women's Synchronized Kata Team (Poland).

Hangetsu Kata



Ellen doing Fukugo the Kite portion. This is great! You have 2 athletes from opposite sides of the world. They have totally different instructors. Yet as you watch the 2 side by side, move by move you can see the same quality and consistency. The 2 are very very close. The Polish girl that Ellen lost to went on to win first place. 

The consistency in Quality was remarkable (the girl furthest away from Poland, Ellen from the United States)! Look at them side by side and you be the judge. 


The  3 girls that made up the U.S. Youth Team. Allison (St Louis, Mo), Ellen (Manhattan Beach, Ca), Maggie (Atlanta, Ga). I had wanted to get the 3 together to practice synchronized kata. One of the girls suggested they do Kite (since it was the one they all knew). I took 3 takes with each one upfront center. This was the second take. This is a first time practice of the 3 together. I did not give them instruction (that is the job of their instructor, I did not over step that boundry) they just did it. In the 3 is some incredible potential, how do we pull it together?


Ellen's first Kyu Exam 

February 23, 2006

Can you find Ellen in this photo?

Ellen's First Tournament














































































































Ten you make a left on to Campenile Hotel. Randomly coming across international athletes. From this spot if you do a 180 then . . . 


you this HUGE billboard advertising the tournament. It was so inspiring to come across all these strategically placed images and impression of the tournament. Bravo!!!!!


Here is pic of the hotel in the building stage. I noticed many restorations and new construction. From my experience in this type of construction they were doing the work correctly and the quality was very high. 

Hotel Campanile - Ground Zero for the U.S. Team



Hotel Lobby with more images. 

Current ticket prices for inner city

20 minute regular ticket 2.40 PLN,

40 minute regular ticket 3.20 PLN,

60 minute regular ticket 4.00 PLN,

24 hour regular ticket 11.00 PLN,

72 hour regular ticket 23 PLN, weekly regular ticket 34.40 PLN, single ride ticket is 3.60 PLN. 

Catch the light train to the Atlas Arena. 

Team U.S.A arena and practice bound.



We've seen photos of it but now there it is Atlas Arena. It's just behind Kaliska Station. 

Team U.S.A. went to a back area to practice. There were a few other international teams there as well. Starting to run in to ols freinds and starting to see those that will become new friends. Everyone was friendly (no attitdue ANYWHERE!), all so nice. The photo above they had just finished putting down the tatami on the raised center stage.

Now a train ride back to the Team Hotel. 


Now walking to the Hotel.



Regroup and plan for dinner.


Walk back over to Piotrkowska street, then up Piotrkowska street. Stop at Mc Donald's grab a snack. Put some change in the donation box for Ronald's Kids. Back to andel's Hotel.


Ran into the team from Cyprus. I introduced myself and asked them to pose for this great shot on the second floor. Very nice people. 


Now to get cleaned up to meet the team at Manufaktura for dinner.  Ate some fried cod and a cold glass of Polish beer - YUM! Then back to the our hotels for some sleep.



Justin Bieber staying at Hotel andel's in Lodz







Sleep? who can sleep?Saturday morning, first day of the competition. I'm the very first one at the arena 6am. 


Slowly watching the arena come to life. 


2 Rings up on center stage.

 Getting the award stages set with background projection screen.



2 rings on either side of Center Stage, 6 rings total. 


View from the north end to the south. 


Vip Table 

Notice the boom for the close up video shots. 



Competitor's view towards the VIP table.


The very first team to show up. The Czech Republic Team. When I saw them come in I got goose bumps. It was so inspiring. I got their attention had them turn around and  strike this pose. What a great shot! The nation team coach said "hi", he had traveled to the U.S. several times to train Nishiyama sensei. He introduced me to his family. 




Opening Ceremony, Allison carrying the flag for Team U.S.A.  


Darrell in match on the Jumbo Screen.

 Taichiro in a Fukugo match doing the Kite portion. 


Kids seeking autographs. 



More autographs with Taichiro - (U.S.A.). 


More autographs with Justo Gomez - (Argentina) - 7 time World Champion.

Tournament now running very late. Ellen time has now been reschedule twice. So back to our hotels then meeting up at my hotel for some practice in the hotel fitness center. A nice break from the sensory overload of the arena. Ellen goes for a swim in tha spectacular pool. Now back to the team hotel, then back to the arena. At the arena we find out the tournament is running even later if sheYou can doesn't go on by 9:30pm then it will be in the am Sunday. Back to our hotels. 

 Back on the train back to the hotel.


I walk back to my hotel up Piotrkowska Street. Grab a bite at Mc Donalds then attempt to sleep. But who can sleep?  

You can also take a ride the full length of the street for about 4 Zloty for One 6 Zloty for Two.



The room was fantastic!!!! Had the Hotel been in any other location it would have been 10 times the price. 



Sunday morning breakfast. The free breakfast was incredible, a fantastic spread. You would have gladly paid $40U.S. Everything you could want now matter what your breakfast preferences are.



Meeting up with Japanese Congressman Chobin Zukerman (left)  ITKF Lobbiest & World Ocean Health Organization co founder Steve Nakada back at the hotel for breakfast.  





Back to the Arena. 


Justo Gomez leading Team Argentina & Team Uruguay. 


Tournament in full swing. But where's Ellen? I call and her and her mother had over slept. Finally they show. What? you for got you belt? Ok get me some scissors I cut mine down. Mom goes back to the hotel to get her belt.


Men's Polish Team Coach Radoslaw Olczyk 

ITKF Vice President and President of the ITKF Polish Federation Mr. Wlodzimierz Kwiecinski  

Daniel Iwanek injured his foot during Kumite. Here he is being help from a teammate Piggy Back


Polish National and World Champion Witold Kwiecinski.



Elevated Center Stage - Ellen Performing her Kata 


VIPs look on. 



The tournament was televised live. 

There was even a follow up story with in studio live demonstration on one of the local TV shows.

























Justo Gomez with his Team 

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The Polish Federation even has a  Judging Program for Youths (Toddlers).





Send your photos to
















Moody Blues - Knights in White Satin



















In the Nishiyama style we have this drill for Kogo Kumite called "one/one two/two three/three". 

We practiced over & over again. It was time well spent. 



Make Sure your Daughter is well prepared before she goes away to college


Team Spirit & Friendship 

Great Guidance from a highly qualified coaching staff. Extremely Receptive Junior Athletes.

Nice opening technique.

Fantastic Follow up!


Superb "Sanchin" 

Ditto. Had the ref not been there to stop you would have seen true Todome wasa, delivered at the perfect time. (the moment of total KYO).


What an incredible future!

What was great to notice was that the quality in every aspect was very high for the Youths. 

There was no difference in speed and power in the boys and girls as you would see in sports.

You saw great technique and great spirit! 


1,000 competitors with fantastic control. 1,000 competitors with only a few minor accidents, with no major injuries. You can see the ambulance in the photos above out of site but close enough just in case. The tournament was well prepared and run. 









Please send me the ones I don't have. 






















Boy/ Girl Enbu














Ricardo Buzzi







M R 



Sensei said a woman's Karate must be strong, powerful and graceful.

Sensei said a man's Karate must be strong, powerful and graceful. 

Katrin Kargbo












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ITKF 16th World Karate Championships

Lodz, Poland


7th, 2012

Competition Results


Cadets 14-15

1st 2nd 3rd 3rd
Girls Kata        
Boys Kata        
Girls Team Kata        
Boys Team Kata        
Boy/Girl Enbu        
Boy/Boy Enbu        
Girls Fukugo        
Boys Fukugo        



Juniors 16-17 1st 2nd 3rd 3rd
Girls Kata        
Boys Kata        
Girls Team Kata        
Boys Team Kata        
Girl/Boy Enbu        
Boy/Boy Enbu        
Girls Fukugo        
Boys Fukugo        
Girls Kogo Kumite        
Boys Kogo Kumite        

Youths 18-20 1st 2nd 3rd 3rd
Woman Kata        
Men's Kata        
Woman's Team Kata        
Mans Team Kata        
Man/Woman Enbu        
Man/Man Enbu        
Men's Fukugo        
Woman's Fukugo        
Woman's Kogo kumite        
Mens Kogo Kumite        



Seniors 1st 2nd 3rd 3rd
Woman's Kata        
Men's Kata        
Woman's Team Kata        
Men's Team Kata        
Man/Woman Enbu        
Men/Men Enbu        
Woman's Fukugo        
Men's Fukugo        
Woman's Kogo Kumite        
Men's Kogo Kumite        
Woman's Kumite        
Men's Kumite          
Men's Team Kumite        






If you Train 24/7 365

You Then and Only Then Earn 3 Hours to Relax.

The After Party


Bar & Lounge 

Upstairs Restaurant & Dance Floor 





Photos of Stara Wies

(Starra Vies - Old Village)


The Traditional Karate Training Center of Poland


Pre Tournament

One of my all time favorite photos. Yes Nelson is getting that extra attention. You see sensei old and wrinkled. His hair combed. He is touching and looking at Nelson with all his energy. Wanting to make sure he understands. Making sure he knows what his job is. Making sure he knows what his responsibility is. As if he is communicating to Nelson into the future. Yes Nelson understands, and the lesson will continue to grow within him. You see the students in the background with 100% focus in attention. Yes this photo is with Nelson but sensei had "this" with each and everyone who was will to accept his instruction. Those that that do will stay the course. Stay the path.

"Nishiyama Do"

(I just made up this term)


("To gaze at the MOON")

at Stara Wies

Be sure to see the moon within Nelson's hands.

Practice first. Practice again. Practice again. Then ask questions. But practice first!!!

One point I would have like to ask sensei is.

"Brown Belt Katas" - Bassai dai, Jion & Empi the Kata begins (and ends) not in formal shizen tai but the hands in a special way (you know what I mean). Kan ku dai starts off in 'a special way" but ends in formal shizen tai. We should change the end of Kan kudai so it ends like it starts? What do you think?





Photo at a Previous World Cup

Polish Hero - Lech Walesa at the Grand Opening, Wlodzimierz Kwiecinski, Nami Nishiyama


Sunday Morning September 30, 2012



Plan View

Main Training Floor




Previous Seminar

148 Acres









Athlete Housing







Beautiful & Serene Setting








U.S. National Team

95 Spots - 72 Spots Unfilled

Mens - Seniors (Adults) 30 Spots - 14 Spots unfilled n/a n/a n/a
Kata Taichiro ? n/a n/a
Fukugo Taichiro n/a n/a
Kogo Marcus ? n/a n/a
Kumite n/a n/a
Team Kata 3 Spots Unfilled

Team Kumite Barry Darrell Sasa Alternate
M/M Enbu 2 Spots Unfilled
n/a n/a
M/W Enbu 2 Spots Unfilled
n/a n/a
n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Womans n/a  n/a n/a n/a
Kata Laurie 
1 Spot Unfilled n/a n/a
Fukugo ?
1 Spot Unfilled n/a n/a
Kogo  ?
1 Spot Unfilled n/a n/a
1 Spot Unfilled n/a n/a
Team Kata
3 Spots Unfilled




Boys Cadet (14-15) 18 Spots - 14 Spots Unfilled n/a n/a n/a
Enbu 2 Spots unfilled
n/a n/a
Fukugo 2 Spots unfilled
n/a n/a
Kata 2 Spots unfilled
n/a n/a
Team Kata 3 Spots unfilled

n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Girls Cadet (14-15) n/a n/a n/a n/a
Enbu 2 Spots unfilled
n/a n/a
Fukugo Allison - St Louis, Mo. Maggie - Atlanta, Ga. n/a n/a
Kata Allison - St Louis, Mo. Maggie - Atlanta, Ga. n/a n/a
Team Kata 3 Spots unfilled

n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Boys Junior (16-17) 22 spots - 19 Spots Unfilled n/a n/a n/a
Enbu 2 Spots unfilled
n/a n/a
Fukugo 2 Spots unfilled
n/a n/a
Kata 2 Spots unfilled
n/a n/a
Kogo Kumite 2 Sp[ots unfilled
n/a n/a
Team Kata 3 Spots unfilled

Girl's Junior (16-17) n/a n/a n/a n/a
Enbu 2 Spots unfilled
n/a n/a
Fukugo Ellen - Manhattan Beach, Ca. 1 Spot unfilled n/a n/a
Kata Ellen - Manhattan Beach, Ca. 1 Spot unfilled n/a n/a
Kogo Kumite Ellen - Manhattan Beach, Ca. 1 Spot unfilled n/a n/a
Team Kata 3 Spots unfilled


Boys Youth (18-20) 25 Spots - 25 Spots Unfilled n/a n/a
Enbu 2 Spots unfilled
Fukugo 2 Spots unfilled
Kogo Kumite 2 Spots unfilled
Kata 2 Spots unfilled
Team Kata 3 Spots Unfilled

Team Kumite 3 Spots Unfilled    
Girls Youth (18-20) n/a n/a n/a
Enbu 2 Spots unfilled
Fukugo 2 spots unfilled
Kogo Kumite 2 spots unfilled
Kata 2 spots unfilled
Team Kata 3 spots unfilled




Meet me in St Louis




52nd AAKF US National Traditional Karate Championships

June 19th - June 22nd

Click the Link

Darrell Power 

Barry Power


 The Power Brothers Welcome you. 





ITKF Traditional Karate Pan American Championships



November 15th & 16th






17th ITKF World Traditional Karate World Championships

Cairo, Egypt


Edgar Vargas (Chile ITKF)




Presenting the proposal to host the 17th ITKF World Championships 2014

at Dojo Stara Wies, Poland October 2012

 The Responsibility of the ITKF Traditional Karate Championships is handed over from Poland to Egypt 


A different country. The same Traditional Karate Spirit (as you can tell from the photo)! 




Nishiyama's Traditional Karate is Universal Without Boarders with only One Mission.